photo of john morris president of ovcef“Our nation depends on its infrastructure; our economy cannot move forward without investment in capital resources.  Skilled Tradespeople do this work; but our industry faces a skilled labor shortage that is projected to grow to 1.1 million workers during the next decade.  If you need help finding workers, want to expand/improve your employee productivity or just want to grow your business and make more money…click the More Info button below.”

John Morris' SignatureJohn Morris, President
Ohio Valley Construction Education Foundation


photo of a truck versus manpower
Which is a more valuable
investment for your company?
Equipment or employees?
Which is harder to replace?


For the truck ($40k) – You spend a lot of time thinking about the features that you want to order (big engine, towing package), adding on equipment after it arrives (tool boxes, bed liners), and then invest in annual maintenance.

For the employee ($40k) – You spend a lot of time and energy finding the right person.  Do you have a comprehensive training program to educate, motivate and engage the employee AFTER you hire him?

You would not buy a truck and not maintain it…so why hire an employee and send them into the field without ongoing training to keep them on top of their game?

Investing in people is the most important investment a company can make. Training should not be an occasional focus, but an ongoing part of the company strategy to recruit, develop and retain the best people possible. Comprehensive training programs should include assessments and training prescriptions for contractors to develop a training plan for each craft professional to address the exact skills that individual needs to improve to advance in his or her career path.

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