Future Graduates

Why would you want to work in construction?

  • The construction industry is one of the world’s leaders in attracting talented people to help solve complex problems to move America forward.
  • If you become an apprentice, you can start working right out of high school and get my training at the same time, so I won’t need to go into a lot of debt.
  • In a few years you’ll be certified. In the future, you can even be your own boss and have employees of your own.
  • It’s interesting work – You won’t be doing the same thing day in and day out; I’ll always be learning new things – and the industry is looking for hard working people like you to take on this work.

What are you going to do with a job in construction?

  • It’s not a job- it’s a long-term career.
  • It’s a flexible career that you can take with me wherever I go. So whether you want to stay here or experience another part the country, you can find interesting work that pays well, no matter where you’re based.
  • If you are looking forward to the challenges that a career in construction brings. It will allow you to your hands and mind to solve problems, work on teams with other trades people, and build something tangible and useful for society.

You can build a good life for yourself with a construction job.

  • A career as a tradesperson provides a good quality of life. Like other careers, you’ll earn a competitive salary that continually increases with my experience, and you’ll get solid benefits.
  • Every day you’ll get the opportunity to combine my training and talent – use your hands and your brain – to build  something amazing. Something you can be proud of.
  • You’ll be working in an industry that is stable and in demand – here and around the world.
  • You’ll work regular hours and have plenty of downtime to enjoy myself, have a family and build a life.

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