Incentives for Hiring Veterans

Did you know there are employer incentives for hiring Veterans?

  1. The GI Bill will cover apprenticeship costs for the employer.

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  2. The Vocational Rehabilitation program (Apprenticeship is paid for by the VA) is designed for those disabled veterans that are seeking employment and are physically and mentally qualified to do a particular trade.  These individuals that participate in this VA program are screened to ensure they are qualified.  You may already have employee’s that are eligible to participate in this program.
A guide for employers and sponsors who are offering (or wish to offer) On -the -Job or Apprenticeship training (OJT/APP) to Veterans and their beneficiaries
Click to download this guide for veterans and the apprenticeship process

In the future test and interview sessions, your new apprentices be verified to see if they are eligible candidates for these programs. This is important because the VA will offer financial incentives to you the employer and the apprentice.

We will also coordinate with both state and federal Veteran Agencies to identify future apprentices for you.  Plans are in process to establish a Veteran’s Outreach program up and going I will circulate a list of qualified veterans that have been tested and interviewed for possible employment.  If you have any questions about these opportunities, click to contact us.




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