Dear Mom or Dad, you may have been talking with your child about career aspirations, interests, and the future. You play an important role in guiding them along the right path. Have you considered encouraging your son or daughter to pursue a career in construction?

picure of parents takling with a teenagerA career in construction offers:
• An earn-while-you-learn opportunity
• No educational debt burden
• Skills for life
• Good pay and benefits–click here to see what the average pay is for skilled trades
• An opportunity to continue education
• Potential to advance
• Opportunities to be your own boss

Over the next ten years, the construction industry will need additional workers to cover new work and a retiring workforce. It’s not just careers in the skilled trades. Administrative, design and construction management careers are all on the rise.

click button for more infoWould a scholarship be helpful?    Annually, we award multiple scholarships up to $2,500 for high school seniors pursuing careers in the construction industry.  This scholarship is provided by the We Build the USA challenge.  Employers across the nation have contributed to this program because they understand the value of pursuing a career in the construction industry.  If your child pursues skilled trades training in construction, he or she could qualify.  Click the more info button for more information.


Your son or daughter might have what it takes to design or build the next stadium, bridge, high-rise or even your town’s next hospital. Encourage your future professional to take a look at the pathway to a career in the construction industry, and watch them build a successful future!  If your son or daughter would like to visit with a construction industry professional, contact us.

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