Veterans / Reservists


Did you know you can use your GI Bill to become an apprentice or receive on-the-job training?

clipart hire militaryThe Ohio Valley Construction Education Foundation wholeheartedly supports Veterans and Reservists. We realize you have proven your skills, and loyalty to our country. These character traits are valued in the construction industry.

Are you currently in the Reserves or a Veteran?  The Veterans Administration will pay you GI Bill benefits on a sliding scale depending on the length of apprenticeship training.  This is in addition to you receiving a salary from your employer.  The GI benefits generally decrease every six month as your salary increases.  Plus at the end of the “mission” you will be certified in your trade!

We also understand that due to military downsizing, many service members who planned to stay in the military through retirement, are being forced out. It is anticipated that nearly 300,000 veterans are expected to flood the labor market over the next 5 years. In fact, the highest unemployment rate in the country is among returning vets age 18-24. This is our prime demographic for the construction industry.

Why not consider transitioning back into civilian life a secure and profitable career in the construction industry?  You can also use your Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits to supplement your income during training. For more information contact us

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